NJD Moonshine

Inspired by long honored recipes that have no barrel time, this Moonshine sparkles with flavors derived from sweet corn and our double distillation process, offering the smooth un-oaked characteristics of a traditional white whiskey, this little devil would have fit right in with those secret recipes of the past.

In 1735, on a stormy night in the Pine Barrens of Southern, New Jersey Mother Leeds gave birth to her 13th child who she immediately proclaimed to be the devil himself. Shortly after birth the child morphed into a large creature with hooves, a goat head, bat wings and a forked tail. After thrashing about the house momentarily, the creature disappeared up the chimney. Since that time, the creature has appeared in the foggy Pine Barrens and the edges of farms and towns to terrorize local residents and curious legend hunters alike. Over the centuries, there have been hundreds of reported sighting of the creature, the most recent in 1993 … until now!

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NJD Apple Pie Moonshine

NJD Apple Pie Moonshine pays homage to this traditional back woods’ corn whiskey recipe. The deep corn body combined with hints of apple, caramel, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla delivers a balanced moonshine with spice notes and sweetness.  This all natural product proves to be a superior drink on the rocks.

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NJD Flaming Sinamon Moonshine

NJD Flaming Sinamon Moonshine is a throwback to moonshiners’ attempts to spice up their “White Lightning.” This all natural spirit combines bold spiced cinnamon notes with full body sweetness.  Its’ corn base provides a platform that brings out a bold pepper character complimented by the tastes of coriander and hints of vanilla.  NJD Flaming Sinamon is best served unabashed as a shooter or on the rocks.

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