Rated a Top 100 Spirit of 2016 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Our flagship Vodka is the first and only spirit made in New Jersey to be awarded a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition the preeminent spirits competition in the world. Additionally, it has received a 93 point rating from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.  Claremont Vodkas’ smooth buttery flavors result from our potato fermentation. Our small batch distillation process allows us to hand select our cuts thus capturing the cleanest parts of the distilled “hearts” guaranteeing smoothness. Distilled the equivalent of more than 20 times through our dual column reflux still, this vodka offers soft subtle nugget flavors and an extremely crisp finish.

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Blueberry Vodka

Claremont’s all natural blueberry vodka captures the essence of the state’s official fruit with no artificial flavors or syrups. We take advantage of New Jersey being among the largest producer of blueberries in the nation and are proud that Hammonton, NJ is considered “the blueberry capital of the world.” The combination of all natural blueberry flavors and our potato based vodka results in a refreshing, slightly sweet, and smooth vodka.

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Peach Vodka

Claremont peach flavored vodka is made with natural peach flavors capturing the rich essence of one of New Jersey’s prized fruits.  Peaches have been grown in the state since the early 1600’s when settlers first recognized that New Jersey’s soil and climate provided ideal growing conditions for producing the most flavorful and luscious peaches.  Incorporating these flavors with our potato vodka results in a product with ripe peach flavors, rich layers, and hints of spice, that is refreshing and elegant.

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